How To Use Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria

How To Use Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria

As requested in the Ask Question Page on how to use Amazon gift card in Nigeira this on is for you.

  • sell the amazon gift cards to make money
  • use them to place orders on amazon from Nigeria.

You can easily get such people on Facebook etc. I also buy amazon gift cards in Nigeria. So, you can contact me too if you’ve got some for sale.

If you prefer to use the amazon gift cards to buy items on amazon from Nigeria, you will have to create your free account at, add the gift card to your amazon account and use the gift card option as payment method when checking out. After you successfully make payment for the items, you will have to wait for delivery.

There are lots of people that are in need of cheap amazon gift cards in Nigeria. Those people will be willing to get the cards from you and pay you in Naira at your agreed rate.

Those people use the cards as payment option when they shop on amazon from Nigeria, as it is cheaper than using their Nigerian debit cards.

I hope you now have ideas of how to use amazon gift cards in Nigeria.


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  1. Anytime I tried to login to my Amazon Niger account. It will not login and even reset my password to login, it will reset but wount be able to Login. Any help please

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